More than a company, we are an innovation center

Magitek Internacional

We are a technological innovation center focused on virtual reality developments, software, applications, business solutions, ideas development and implementation, creative and innovative projects, which look after the local and international market demands, implementing as important key the exponential factor in productivity and integral growth of societies.

Technology contributes positively to the systemic and dynamic growth of societies, at all its levels. Our corporate philosophy lays on the premise of rising societies to its maximum potential, at a social, educational and economic level, by making use of and providing all the technological tools available for such growth.

High quality and innovative solutions

Our mission is to develop innovative and high-quality technological solutions, coherent with the needs demanded and the constant evolution of technology. We seek to promote technological tools which contribute to socio economic exponential growth. At our Innovation Center, our commitment to this mission inspires the quality of our creations

Social and economic global growth

With the support of a qualified, passionate group of work, committed with the Magitek Internacional vision, we see ourselves as a leader and highly qualified company on the development of competitive technological solutions and which generate sustained social and economic growth in South America and in the world.

Business areas which are generators of changes

We wish to generate changes which have a positive impact on all those who benefit directly and indirectly from what we do.
With technology and virtual reality as a transverse element for new creations, we can promote and generate changes on the following areas: Hotel industry and tourism, 360° videos, Network Marketing, Real Estate Industry, Education and Training, Apps y Mobile Games.

Circulo de servicios

Our Values

We are a committed team inspired on achieving the goals of each project.

Integridad y transparencia

Our team of professionals deliver the best of Magitek Internacional with quality and humane spirit. We know what we do and do it within legal frameworks with innovation, commitment, honesty and ethics.

Autocrítica y humildad

We reinvent ourselves every day because we are committed to offering quality services and because technological innovation demands us to be always up to date. We take the most of situations, difficulties and challenges to create innovative alternatives which allow us to improve.


We create developments which inspire and effectively meet diverse needs and demands. We have a support and customer service unique, agile, resolutive and humane which boosts the credibility of the company and its professionals.

Compromiso social

We contribute actively to social and economic progress by using technology as an enabler of said progress.


We turn ideas, projects and solutions into more economically productive realities

Pasión y optimismo

We love what we do and that is the strength that drives us. We feel strongly motivated and that is why we constantly promote projects and ideas.