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Augmented Reality

We add virtual elements to your ads that stimulate a unique experience between your brand and your clients, from giving them more information about what you offer such as available products, routes to get to your business, 3D animations that engage those who see your ads, among other world of possible realities in a virtual context, accessible from the screen of their mobile devices.

Be the first in advertising your product in a different and effective way! Other media will be soon talking about your innovative strategy to advertise your products. Do you want your brand to be more important? Augmented reality speaks more about your product than any other traditional ad could do.

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Real estate area

Real property projects, for sale or for rent can be visited anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are interested in selling or making your real property available for rent, or if you look for promoting real estate, urban or architectonic projects, we design virtual spaces to let your project be known to your customers or final investors by immersing them into your house, apartment or urban project.

Marketing and promotion

Implementing virtual reality as a marketing strategy will create more interest at the time of acquiring the product, if you have previously given your target market a teaser.

Different commercial sectors rely on marketing strategies which may or may not be effective. However, implementing virtual reality to sell your product will create more interest in acquiring it if you have previously given your target market a teaser.

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Persona con gafas de realidad virtual

Education and training

Learning is experience, this is why there is no better learning than that which is done in first person, that is experienced directly, naturally, implicitly and subjectively.

From teaching your customers to use your products to explain abstract and complex concepts, you can rely on virtual reality as a didactic tool which re-signifies the learning process within your educational or business organization, through virtual reality experiences which immerse your students or apprentices in realistic and meaningful learning contexts.

Hotel industry and tourism

Getting to know a place will never be the same as seeing it on pictures or videos. Going there is what matters.

Let the decision of your customers of purchasing your tourist packs, or accommodating at your hotel be in their hands and not in the hands of reviews posted on websites. Invite your tourists to any destination and even to your hotel rooms and let them know your offers first-hand and in first person. You don’t have to persuade your target market with ads or reviews of others anymore because at our Innovation Center we design virtual reality solutions where you can open your real doors to virtual visitors to make them your customers.

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More real experiences for more demanding users.

Mobile games industry advances with huge steps towards the virtualization of contents for users to have a more realistic experience inside the game context. Today, we can make that affordable for you through design and development of virtual reality mobile games..